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HFC Hellenic Filtration Enterprises s.a. is one of the Greek leading filtration equipment importers, exporters and manufacturers with 40 years of successful activity.

We provide an extensive range of liquid and environmental air filters as well as a variety of compressed air and water treatment equipment and accessories.

We also design and manufacture a wide selection of liquid bag filters as well as a number of different quality and sizes of air filter bags all under our HFC brand name.

We provide a high level of customer service and that is being added to the provision of quality filtration products to our customers.

All our business partners have plenty of quality certificates and moreover all the materials being used on filters’ production are the highest quality to find.

The company is privately owned and its head office and facilities are located in Athens Greece.

HFC Enterprises is actively engaged in gaining approvals for its products in general industry, Marine and Technical Engineering companies. Moreover, HFC Brand Name liquid and air filters have been approved from major companies in chemical, paint and coatings industries, as well as food and beverages and the marine sector.

A copy of our Company Profile can be downloaded by clicking here.

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