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Oil and Gas Filtration Systems




HFC provides a wide range of equipment for Oil and Gas applications. 

Our product portfolio includes :

…and many more

Oil & Gas processing environments contain many fluids that are aggressive to metal filter housing in challenging temperatures. 

Corrosion of carbon steel process equipment is a serious issue for customers as linings and coatings fail. 

Our company has a long history in the supply of housings in corrosion resistant alloys including SS 316L, Titanium, 22Cr Duplex, 25Cr SDSS, and Nickel Alloys, and have the Knowledge to choose the appropriate equipment so the customers to worry less for their equipments' life on the field.

Moreover, HFC produces in its site Liquid filter Bags according to customers' specifications and drawings as well as special dimension liquid filters and stainless steel baskets.

We would be pleased to send you more information for the equipment you are looking for and to present to you some of our specific project references.



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