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Liquid Filtration



HFC provides a wide range of equipment for Liquid filtration applications.

A number of customers trust HFC for their Liquid applications.

Markets such as Food and Beverage industry , Pharmaceuticals , Cosmetics , Oil and Gas industry, Chemicals , Power generation, Industrial painting , Heavy industry are using our company’s high quality equipment with long life time and cost saving.

Our product portfolio includes :


Liquid filter Bags in different materials and sizes 

Depth Filters

Pleated Cartridges

Membrane Cartridges

Strainers and Automatic Self Cleaning Filters

Stainless Steel elements

Bag Filter Housings

Cartridges Filter Housings

Sanitary Stacked Disc Cartridge Housings

UV Disinfection Units and Lamps

RO prefiltration equipment


Filter Press

Filter Sheets

Belt Filters

…and many more


HFC produces in its site Liquid filter Bags according to customers’ specifications and drawings as well as special dimension liquid filters and baskets.

We would be pleased to send you more information for the equipment you are looking for and to present to you some of our specific project references.

+30 210 6018848 Τηλεφωνική γραμμή για πληροφορίες

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